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Now that the GDPR has come into effect it's important to comply with the many requirements and complex legislation. The GDPR provides the data subject multiple rights they can exercise. The GDPRBox offers a platform that, on one hand, offers support for companies to handle the requests and, on the other hand, a simple system for the data subject.

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Clear and fast

The GDPRBox provides an intuitive and clear overview to handle the requests. Your company will be kept up to date through notifications.

Safe and GDPR Compliant

All communication takes place via a secure connection. If data is to be stored, this will be done according to the GDPR guidelines.

User friendly

It is not necessary for your employees to have extensive knowledge of the GDPR, both at legal and technical level. The GDPRBox provides useful indications to guide you in answering and executing the requests.

Cloud-based & on-premise solutions

We offer both a cloud and an on-premise solution, depending on your needs.

Strong authentication

All Belgian data subjects are strong authenticated using their eID. This way you can be sure of the person's identity.

Years of experience in privacy

Apogado has many years of experience with privacy legislation. In addition, information security has no more secrets for us.

Info GDPRBox

The goal of the GDPR is not to impose rules on companies, but to implement a change in mentality, integrating privacy as a central aspect into all dimensions within a company. The GDPRBox can be a helping element in this matter, to clearly communicate your commitment towards privacy.

Providing the data subject with a clear process to exercise their rights, is not a guideline according to the GDPR but an obligation. Hence, this is not an aspect that can be ignored as a company.

Enterprise Functionalities

The GDPRBox is suitable for both SMEs and large companies. There are many functionalities that logically connect to an enterprise environment: Enterprise authentication (eg Active Directory), custom mail templates, auto generated PDFs for specific requests, etc.

In addition to the GDPRBox, we are also a company specializing in integration. As a result, it is also possible to provide integration with your data directly in the GDPRBox.

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Who are we?

Apogado is an independent information technology company. We focus on sustainable and future-proof integrations. In addition, we also specialize in all aspects regarding information security and privacy. Take a look at our website for more information.